Louise is one!

Happy Birthday baby girl!


I’m so happy and also so misty about the year that’s already passed. She’s grown so much, and I feel like Mike and I have grown so much too. It’s annoyingly true what they say, that kids change you but that you really don’t know exactly how until you go through it.

She has developed pretty normally:

  • rolling over in her third month
  • sleeping through the night by her fourth month
  • first tooth in her fifth month
  • sitting up at five months
  • crawling at nine months
  • standing on her own at ten months
  • first steps at eleven months

Louise rolling over

Lou sitting 3

Louise crawling Louise walking

Some of her likes:

  • Roughhousing with dad
  • Bath time – she crawls quickly into the bathroom and peek over the tub on her tippy-toes as soon as she knows it’s time.
  • Dancing to music – Daft Punk’s Digital Love is her current fav, although Grammy and Grumps introduced her to some ’70’s rock recently
  • Turning pages in books and magazines
  • Going on jogs with mom
  • Opening and closing everything – doors, drawers, the microwave
  • Kissing grandpa Fausak
  • Walking with her ybike or walker toy
  • Pressing buttons
  • Yogurt bites
  • Grabbing kitty cat’s fur – Hampton lets you, Nietzsche is not so gracious
  • Bracelets
  • Being outside
  • Watching strangers
  • All electronics – somehow she already knows how to turn on the TV.

Louise roughhouse

Louise ybike

Louise with grandpa

Louise stroller time Louise iPad and grumps

And some of her dislikes:

  • Having to wait for anything – bottle, bath, getting picked up
  • Getting her hair wet during her bath
  • Anyone walking away from her
  • Sun in her face
  • Anything that blocks the sun in her face (sunglasses, hats)
  • Getting electronics taken away from her

Louise crying

Louise crying 2

Louise crying 3

A typical day (when I’m home) goes something like this: She wakes up between 7:15-7:30am and is usually so happy. If I get her up, I’ll bring her in to Mike and she sits on our bed, quietly grinning from ear to ear until he turns over and flashes a smile (then she’s all over him, literally). Mike usually gives her her morning bottle during the week since I have to run to work, but we switch off on the weekend. Mike will put on cartoons while she’s eating but I feel guilty so with me, the TV stays off. After her milk, she’s probably in the best mood of the day. Full, not sleepy, excited, and happy. She can usually play on her own for a bit after that, opting for her cat piano, one of her board books, or exploring the apartment. She’s also been working really hard to get better at walking, so she’ll try to follow you around if you get up for a snack or something.

It depends on the day, but she usually goes down for her first nap around 11, although it’s been as early as 10am and as late as 12:30. Ideally she sleeps for about 2.5-3 hours. She gets another bottle when she wakes up. Her afternoon playtime typically requires more adult participation, so we’ll roughhouse, read books, play on the iPad, or explore the bathroom drawers (there are a lot of fun containers in there that are safe but SUPER interesting). We usually try to get her out of the house at this point, too, so we’ll run to Central Market, BuyBuyBaby, or just take her for a walk. If it’s a running day for me we’ll head out for a jog. Sometimes she takes a short second nap but it’s getting rarer and rarer.

Sometimes we go to dinner with her and she is almost always fabulous. Once 7:30 rolls around, it’s bath time. Mike and I switch off this duty as well. She gets really excited once she hears the water running and scoots in the bathroom as quickly as she can. The process is bath-bottle-bed, with a song sung right before we put her down. She’s had this process since 2.5 months old so it’s old hat to her – she’ll even lean toward the crib to tell us she’s ready to get put down.

Some of my favorite moments are the quiet ones when it’s just Louise, Mike, and me. I am enjoying so much being one third of this little family and although I’m looking forward to making it bigger in the future, I’ll miss having this little munchkin as my only sweet baby.

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