50 Things Every Woman Must Own

I came across a blog that talked about “50 things every woman must own.” As I mentioned before, I tend to buy classic stuff and so I was interested to see how many of these I already owned.


I made out with a respectable 46.5/50. Booya. Some things I noticed:

  • #3 (ballet flats) and #18 (everyday flats) are pretty much the same thing to me, but I have about five pairs so I can count those both.
  • #7: A versatile scarf. Please. Do you know me? Scarves are my livelihood.
  • #25: Casual shorts. Historically I’m not the biggest fan of shorts, but there are so many great options right now so I ended up buying a few pairs. I have a chambray pair, a hot pink pair, and navy eyelet. I’m ready for summer!
  • #33: Statement necklace. I have the ubiquitous Anthropologie necklace, and it’s amazing. I still wear it all the time.
  • #34: Something leopard. I totally agree. I love leopard and animal print things…my Tory Burch leopard flats are completely worn out (as in, holes in the bottom). But I still wear them because I love them.
  • #40: Black blazer. This is my 0.5, since I technically have a black blazer but it’s not my favorite. I need to upgrade.
  • #42: A lady-like umbrella. I can thank my short stint in San Francisco for this. Armed with an influx of cash and a wary nature for the rainy city, one of my first stops when I moved there was to Burberry for a big-girl umbrella. It’s amazing…it has two canopies to prevent flipping and is light blue on the outside with a subtle Burberry check on the inside. It might last me the rest of my life.
  • #48: A leather jacket. This was my first (and one of my only) expensive clothing purchases. I fell hard for a brown Vince jacket right before I left San Francisco, and decided it was a statement item that I must have. I’m glad I splurged – I still wear it all the time; I think my cost-per-wear must be like $2.85.

The items I don’t have are a sun hat (I have a fedora and Panama hat), a safari-style jacket, and cropped black pants.

I also think they left out a few staples like a crossbody bag, booties (still on my to-buy list in both dressy black and casual taupe), red lipstick, and a silk blouse.

2 thoughts on “50 Things Every Woman Must Own

  1. My list:
    Loving husband
    Awesome kids (don’t nesessarily have to be yours)
    Decent house (you decide what decent means)

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