Happy Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day to all of my mom friends out there!

My mom set up what was a great afternoon. She wanted to go to the Dallas World Aquarium (somewhere none of us have been, weirdly), and have lunch there as well. It was really fun, and the lunch was so delicious. The waiter made a joke about my mom getting to pick one of the fish from the tank to eat and she totally fell for it. Made you wonder how empathetic she was to those Fijian fish…


The restaurant also gave me free glasses of wine – in a to go cup, to carry around the aquarium – since it was Mother’s Day. Needless to say I am already planning my trip to the aquarium for Mother’s Day 2014.


Louise has been on a nap strike ever since her week-long fever, so she was a little touch-and-go at the aquarium. However, she was very interested in a few things, like the flamingos, the penguins, and specifically the otters – who tried as hard as they could to give her a personal show.

IMG_3656 IMG_3658

All in all it was a great afternoon. I am impressed with the aquarium and hope to go back a few times as Louise gets older.


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