As time has progressed, I’ve started wondering if Louise was going to develop an attachment to anything. She’s not super interested in her stuffed animals, she never really latched on to those blankets with heads attached…nothing. Of course in my crazy mom-brain I decided something was wrong. Then all of a sudden, she had a connection to her aden+anais muslin blankets.

Louise with her blanket

Luckily it doesn’t seem like she prefers one specific blanket, just that brand.

Louise with her blanket 2

She stuffs the whole thing under her body when she goes to sleep at night, and when she wakes up she grabs it and stands in the middle of her crib (not holding on to the sides because she’s a baller) and waits for us to grab her. She’s starting carrying it around the house, too – even going so far as holding ONE IN EACH HAND and stomping through the apartment with her arms back, like she’s flying.

Louise with her blanket 3

It’s pretty cute.

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