Thirteen months

Eep, she just keeps getting bigger!



She’s been SUCH a happy girl this month. We can’t get enough of her.

There are some habits she’s picked up that we’ve noticed and that are so cute. For example, she’s started favoring the aden+anais blankets. She tucks one under her body when she sleeps at night and prefers to carry it around with her for parts of the day. I bought her a smaller blanket with satin edging in hopes that she’ll use that instead (but it really doesn’t matter).

She also is starting to learn more sign language which is both adorable and helpful. She picked up on “all done” pretty quickly and even tries to say “done” since she’s a master of the D sound. We’re working on “want,” “more,” and “water.”

Nietzsche is slowly getting more tolerant and she is EATING.IT.UP. She loves “DAAaa….” (cat). (She also calls him “kitty cat” which is chock full of consonants and vowels she can’t say, so it ends up as a guttural mumbling). She pets him – does not grab his fur, miraculously – and shrieks with glee. Nietzsche, for his part, doesn’t bolt right away, but if he were a person he would be grumbling.

Her personality is starting to show and it is SASSY. No mom, I don’t want milk. Get that milk away from me. WAIT WHY DID YOU TAKE AWAY MY MILK THAT’S ALL I WANTEDDDDDD. She reaches for things she wants and pushes away things she doesn’t. She will saunter over to Mike or me and demand to be picked up – no waiting, no negotiating. DO IT.

She loves to feed people food. Last night she fed me broccoli, cauliflower, and chicken, until she decided that she wanted the chicken and proceeded to eat the rest of my dinner.

She’s getting really good at playing peek-a-boo with the aforementioned blanket. Don’t think you can stop the game early…she stops when she’s ready to stop. Which is never.

There is so much more…she is transitioning from baby to person and new things emerge every day. She’s so fun!


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