Swimming girl

We suited Louise up in her wet suit and marched her down to our apartment pool the other day. I was slightly worried she would reject the water since it wasn’t tub-temperature, but she LOVED it.

6.14 Swim1 6.14 Swim2

She decided her tennies needed to get in the water with her. (I like this picture because you get a clear picture of her two dimples and chin cleft).

6.14 Swim3 6.14 Swim4

The splashing was super fun. She tripped and fell into the water, but instead of crying she thought it was hysterical. So she started splashing all over the place.

6.14 Swim5

…and then it was time to sit down and clap with happiness.

6.14 Swim6

It was nice that our pool had a large “tanning ledge” that was six inches deep, since it was perfect for her to romp around. It is a little sad that my parents no longer have a pool, but I think the eight thousand splash parks around the city will do a good job this summer of keeping Louise satiated!


2 thoughts on “Swimming girl

  1. Hi!

    My name is Marisol. I started to follow your blog for almost a year cause I was in a similar position and found it interesting. Though I never write you before something REALLY funny happened this morning when I checked the last update you did.I just realized that we live in the same appartment complex!!! It was easy to recognize the pool cause our appartment is in front of it lol, plus I told the story to my husband and showed the pics and he couldn’t believe it. I’m from Mexico and a little bit more than a year I go I got married and moved to Hawaii (my husband is from Indiana). He recently got a good job offer in Richardson and because we got pregnant we decided to go for it!

    I’ve just come back from Mexico City to Richardson a few weeks ago. I spent two months there for the paperwork for the green card and also spending time with family and friends. So now that I’m back we’ve been looking for a house and getting ready for the baby, we’re having a girl (Hannah) in September. Sorry if I’m giving you so much information but I feel like I know you well and I am a completely stranger to you, lol. So if you ever want to meet me let me know! I would love to meet Louise 🙂

    Have a great day!

    • Hi Marisol,

      How funny is that! What a small world, really. Congratulations on your pregnancy – although I feel sorry for you being so pregnant over the summer. I am sure it must be tough! I hope the house hunting is going well, I know Dallas is a seller’s market right now and many of my friends have had trouble.

      I never thought my blog was read by anyone other than family and a few friends – good to know it’s mildly interesting! Can I ask how you found it?

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