Swimming girl, part II

I have been on a little online shopping frenzy lately (I’m on a self-imposed week-long shopping freeze to snap myself out of it), and one of the things I purchased was swim clothes for Louise – specifically, a couple of pairs of swim diapers and a sun hat. I liked the idea of not having to wear a separate pair of swim diapers underneath, and the bloomers and hat came in cute matching patterns. I was sold.

They came in on Friday so Mike and I took Louise to the pool on Saturday to test them out. Louise was ready to roll.

6.18 Swim1

Still loving the water! She even kept the hat on for a bit which is a win in my book.

6.18 Swim2 6.18 Swim3

As much as she loved splashing around in the shallow area, she also loved it when Mike would zoom her around the regular pool. The more water splashed in her face, the better!

6.18 Swim4

On Sunday we were telling my parents how much she loves the water, so my dad pulled out his new pool (he uses them for the dogs) and filled it with water. Then we all sat around with beers and watched Louise play for about 30 minutes. Grandma eventually grabbed some shorts for her but initially she was commando. I’ve blocked the sensitive areas =)

6.18 Swim5

I guess a pool is in our future!!


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