Sorry I haven’t been as prolific a blogger this month. I was on a roll in May…I think it was my highest post count out of any month. This month has been…shall we say…busy? Definitely stressful. This past week and a half in particular:

  • Mike’s dissertation is due this Thursday. So that’s been keeping him slightly busy.
  • Not to mention the job hunt.
  • Did I mention Louise got hand, foot, & mouth disease?
  • And Mike is currently battling strep throat? Yes, the week his dissertation is due.
  • I am currently disease free but expect that to change in 3…2…1…
  • Louise also (finally) got into daycare, so we’re finalizing all of those details.
  • She also started Kindermusik with my mom today. She was “tentative” for the first half but opened up. Not a huge fan of maracas, apparently.

Ahhh! I hope to be back in my regular posting schedule soon – especially since there are some fun events coming up in the next two weeks to post about. In the meantime, please enjoy these pics of Louise marching around our balcony in her dog PJ’s with a scowl on her face:

6.25.13 Louise on balcony 6.25.13 Louise on balcony2


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