Fourteen months

What a whirlwind month!


Louise’s schedule has kind of been all over the place, which is our fault, I know. I think it’s just summer. We have a lot more going on, and getting her in bed by 8pm is just tough. It’s slowly been moving later and later, although it will have to go back to normal since she’s starting day care tomorrow.


DAY CARE. Augh! I’m excited for her and terrified at the same time. I know it will be good for her, and it will be great for us to have a stricter schedule. But she’s…my baby. My little baby girl. It’s going to be hard to just leave her there every day. Man – I think this is a glimpse of when we have to send her to school!


She still loves her cup of milk in the morning. I joke that it’s like her coffee – she’s groggy before it and peppy after. She is also eating more and more things. This month I tried out a few vegetable recipes and she really was only into the spaghetti squash (probably because it was slathered in pasta sauce). I didn’t do a great job baking sweet potato fries but I was a little surprised she didn’t go for those. I may try them again. I am also going to try something carrot-related, since she’s always been a fan. We have no problem getting fruit in her diet – blueberries are her favorite treat – but need to work on the vegetable part. I think day care is going to be good for her diet, too.


Developmentally not much changed this month. (I think that’s the first time I have ever said that!) She’s getting much better at walking, to the point that we’ll be chatting and realize she’s motored into another room in about six seconds. We’ve focused on getting her comfortable wearing shoes so she’s not the barefoot baby anymore. Her favorite shoes are a red pair Grammy bought for her and her pink Crocs. I never thought I’d buy a pair of Crocs but they’re great for kids. I have my eye on a teal pair for her next. She hasn’t really started saying a bunch of words, but we can tell she’s understanding more. She also has started clowning around – she knows she can get a reaction from people so she’ll make noises, throw her hands up, or peek at you from between her legs.

Looking forward to providing an update on day care. For now, we’ll just enjoy our Sunday with the cutest girl this side of the Mississip’.


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