Day care

Yesterday was Louise’s first day of day care. Mike and I were pretty nervous…I think I cried three times before I even made it out of our front door. Once we got there, Louise was a little tentative but did not cry or grab my legs. I did make sure she had a bracelet for emotional support.

7.9.13 Day care 1

We had to go to the main hospital between 2 and 4pm to get badges, so we stopped by around 3pm to check up on her. She was all over her dad – would not let him put her down.

7.9.13 Day care 2

When I came at the end of the day she seemed exhausted, and cried when she saw me (just for a minute). She wouldn’t let go of her blanket that I gave the day care as her safety net, not even in the car. Once we walked in our front door, she basically freaked out with happiness. She was bouncing off the walls, running around, shrieking…I think she was happy to be home. =) I made her some brown sugar glazed carrots as part of her dinner and Mike and I sipped on some champagne to celebrate getting through the first day.

One thing she did during her happiness rampage that made me crack up was drag her pool floaty into the living room and sit down in it. That girl loves her water!

7.9.13 Floaty


One thought on “Day care

  1. I just dropped my son, Carter off at daycare for the first time today. He’s 14 months too. I teared up when I left. Unlike Louise, he screamed when I left. Glad it went pretty well for Louise yesterday!

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