The latest goings-on

Things have been pretty ho-hum the past couple of weeks. Louise started day care which meant she immediately got sick, which meant Mike and I got sick too. Hers turned into double ear infections so we’re still working through that. Mike’s mom also came in town briefly over this past weekend to see the baby. Other than that…just big chillin’.

7.19.13 Whoops

Slight accident with the vegetable pouch. She’s usually an expert in holding these but this time…not so much.

7.19.13 Bee outfit

Her EYES. I love them. (She’s pleading with me to open the Gatorade for her…yeah, right).

7.19.13 Bibs

Lately she’s been into wearing all of her bibs. She’ll pull them off the chair one by one and then bring them over to me to put on.

7.19.13 Outfit 1 7.19.13 Outfit 2

I loved this outfit so much I did a completely irresponsible thing and bought it FULL PRICE at the Gap. It’s a swingy top with matching bloomers and I LOVE it. Like…too much.

7.19.13 Sam's trip

Grammy took us to Sam’s to load up on diapers and cereal while she was in town.

7.19.13 Splash

My mom bought a sprinkler thing (I mean you can see it in the pic) and tested it out with Louise last week. The pictures make it seem like she’s not super into it but I know she loves water so we’ll see.

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