“School” clothes for the summer

At the beginning of the summer, I stocked up on a few clothing items for Louise and figured we’d be good for the season. Carter’s had knit shorts that I loved that were only $4, so I bought five pairs in different colors. They also had coordinating $4 tshirts that looked good on Louise (sometimes they can get too boxy since she’s so tall), so I bought three of those as well. I figured we could mix and match and wear the other stuff in her closet and be good to go.

And then I dropped her off at day care, saw the other kids, and had a panic attack. The kids at Louise’s day care are snappy dressers, and I could not let her suffer!


7.20.13 gap clothes

The denim tank gets a lot of play since it matches pretty much any bottom. I frequently pair it with the white knit shorts from Carter’s and mix up the shoe selection. I mentioned the gingham outfit in the previous post, but it could be my favorite thing.


Man oh man I love this brand…but the problem is, you pretty much have to buy matching sets. It’s tough to mix-and-match this brand with other clothes you have. They had an end-of-season sale, so I snagged the following:

Boden dress Boden play set

I also found this website called thredup.com which is basically an online consignment shop. They don’t have a lot of the pricier brands I’d prefer to buy cheaper used, but sometimes I come across something good. Like…another Boden dress!

Boden dress 2


I find this store to be the most over-priced for what it sells (twill shorts for $38? Dresses for $48? Yeah…no), but some of their stuff is adorable and I love the way their cotton items feel. I bought a sweater on sale in the spring and I can’t wait to put it on Louise this fall with some jeans. I just popped in today and bought a few things. The t-shirt wasn’t on sale, but it was just too cute to pass up. I have a pair of lavender skinny jeans that will look great with it.

Peek Love tee

I’ve recently learned that I can’t have too many white shirts…they tend to get stained really easily so the more, the merrier. (Perfect example – she got strawberry juice on it today, first time worn). Plus this will look great with any of her knit shorts.



Louise wore a Tea Collection dress in our holiday photo for 2012, and I’ve always liked this brand. They’re like Boden in that their clothes are relaxed and have a distinct style. I found a Tea dress at a consignment store on Northwest Highway and Preston and just had to snatch it up. It’s just a little short but I either put leggings or bloomers on underneath and we’re good to go.


I’m always still on the lookout, but I know that these outfits can get me through summer and most of fall (since it doesn’t really start to get chilly until late October). It’s been so fun dressing her lately…since she’s not swaddled and isn’t crawling anymore, the options are endless! And just you wait to see the UT smocked dress I found for football season…I’m obsessed!!


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