Morning routine

It’s been two weeks since Louise started day care, and after getting over her initial sickness and major separation anxiety, things are finally calming down. I’ve discovered letting her walk out of the apartment and into day care helps a little, so she’s not desperately clutching my neck as I’m trying to casually put her down in her room. Today was the best it’s ever been – I opened the door to her room, she walked in, and we walked around for a bit (still holding hands) until she finally dropped my hand. About sixty seconds later she realized that I could just leave, at any time, so she went back in to panic mode, but – PROGRESS.

ANYWAY – I wanted Mike to film our exit from the apartment every day. As soon as we put her shoes on, she’s ready to jam and gets frustrated if we’re not immediately walking out of the door (hence the whining). But once the door opens…it’s on.


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