I jetted off to Mountain View, California for a couple of days this week to visit with Google. I was sort of randomly inserted into this trip, which originated because the big boss (Stan Richards,) wanted to check out the building. Another team at the agency got wind of it and decided to join, and my boss stuck me in at the last minute to represent the media team.

I always love these types of trips. You get to chat at a high level and it makes me feel invigorated about my job. Not only are the topics really interesting, but I see these great role models of women who have careers and children and seem to manage it all fairly well.

Not to mention we got to hang out at Google. That place is cray.



They had so many toys and gadgets in the building. We walked up these stairs that had real-time searches scrolling on them. Makes it a little distracting as you’re trying to walk up.


They had this video thing where you could type in anything you wanted and videos related to your search would bubble up. You had to fling a video into the middle of the other end for it to play on the screen above.


They also had a room that projected google maps on three walls. You could type in famous places like the Golden Gate bridge, or type in your own address, go to street view, and basically be standing in front of your house.


And of course there was Android-themed mini-golf.


In our last meeting of the day, a guy came in to chat about some of the really cool stuff they’re doing as a part of Google X. One of those things was Google Glass, which he let us all try out. We immediately geeked out, of course.


All in all it was a good trip, but I was so happy to see Louise this morning. Mike sent me this picture on Tuesday which killed me…I want to snuggle too!

8.1.13 snuggle


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