Fifteen months

I realized I posted Louise’s 15 month picture on Facebook but haven’t provided the blog update! Bad mom.


Things are rocking and rolling around here. The transition to day care wasn’t as emotional for me as I expected, but Louise got sick immediately so it was a rough couple of weeks for her. She has some lingering issues from the antibiotics (lots of diaper changes is all I’ll say) and still has a bit of fluid in her ears from the dual ear infections, but otherwise she’s fantastic. She doesn’t cry when I drop her off, and when I pick her up she doesn’t wail anymore – she just scuttles over to me and gives me the biggest hug for about 2 minutes. I’m not complaining.


Mike and I always comment on how happy a baby she is when she’s not sick. She’s also rapidly understanding things and so it’s fun to ask her questions or help her. She has a stool her great-grandparents gave her, and it was difficult for her to figure out how to sit on it. I showed her a couple times how to walk up to it, turn around, and squat until she felt her rump hit the seat. Now she does it on her own and it could be the cutest thing. I have to get a video.


She also knows certain actions and words. “Give daddy kisses” means Mike gets a face full of Louise, every time (she’s not as giving with me). She knows where her ear and nose are, and purses her lips to get us to waggle our fingers across them to make a silly sound. She’s learned how to say “ball” and will go get one of hers if we ask. We also test her knowledge of kitty and dog – we’ll google image them and ask her to identify. She’s happy to show us the kitties in her nighttime books as well.


She’s starting to develop food preferences which we’re trying to counteract but are pretty much failing miserably. She doesn’t like beef, even if it’s smothered in ketchup (she’ll just lick the ketchup off). She doesn’t like fish. She is ok with grilled chicken but not fried (I mean, what?). She loves almost every fruit and is surprisingly ok with most vegetables, especially green beans, sweet potatoes, and carrots. Anything cheese-related is her favorite – macaroni especially. She loves beans (black, refried) and eggs, although her morning egg with cheese and ham isn’t as appealing these days as mom’s Cheerios. So she gets both.


I think I’ve said this every month since four months, but this time has been so fun. She can play by herself or interact with us, she’s learning so fast I can watch it happening, and Mike and I are both better parents now that day care is in the picture. The only thing I wish is that I had more working mothers to hang out with – stay at home moms get to be in play groups and go to classes, so they meet a lot of women with kids their age. Me…not so much. There are a few women at work; maybe I’ll try to get involved in more activities with them.


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