At Louise’s 15 month appointment, the pediatrician chatted with us for a few minutes about the inevitability of toddler meltdowns and what to do when they have one. I said I wasn’t sure if we’ve seen one yet, and he kind of smirked and said “then you haven’t had one.”

Although I’m pretty sure we’re still firmly in the “no tantrums yet” camp, we got pretty close on Sunday. We met Errin and Zach at NorthPark with the kids to stroll around and have some lunch, and shockingly, it wasn’t too crowded (it was tax free weekend). I think getting there right when the mall opened was the smart thing to do. Anyway, we knew we’d be pushing Louise’s nap time from noon to about 2pm and were a bit nervous about it, but she seemed to do well. UNTIL SHE WOKE UP FROM HER NAP AT 4:30. She was SO grouchy and the smallest thing would set her off. We had to go to the grocery store and figured that should put her in a good mood; she loves to go. Things were ok until I turned the cart down the cracker aisle to pick up some graham crackers. She spotted the Goldfish bag and promptly flipped her shit. I don’t know how she’s identified the Goldfish bag so quickly – we’ve only given her Goldfish maybe three times total – but apparently not getting to hold the bag and eat Goldfish was the worst possible scenario in the history of life. So she let us and the other grocery store patrons know.

8.12.13 Louise grocery store 1 8.12.13 Louise grocery store 2

I just pretended nothing was wrong and kept trucking. Luckily she got over it but it was a loud and cranky three minutes.

Once we got home she was in a better mood, and went to sleep at her normal time without any issues. So I think we dodged a bullet.

8.12.13 Louise Smiling


One thought on “Meltdown

  1. I have suffered through many a meltdown (in public!). Shannon you were the master of the “noodle baby”. You would be standing there throwing a fit and when I reached down to pick you up you would go completely limp. It’s a wonder I didn’t drop you a few times!

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