Here’s the scene this past Saturday at the Haydel’s:

I wake up when Louise gets up around 7:45. We eat breakfast, hang out, and then I dress her and myself to go on our morning run. I just bought her new gray and hot pink tennis shoes, and wanted to match her clothes to her shoes because I am a weirdo. She has hot pink knit shorts and I just bought her a heather gray tshirt so we’re good to go.

8.12.13 Louise outfit

Mike gets up while we’re running and watches Louise while I cool down and take a shower. I brainstorm the easiest, most lightweight outfit for myself and end up with a tshirt and chino shorts. I walk out of the bedroom while Mike is on the phone with his mom. He immediately starts laughing at me. I check my clothes for stains or wonder if my hair is wonky. He points to Louise, then at me, and mouths, “did you plan this?”

8.12.13 Twins


8.12.13 Twins2

If only I had her sweet kicks as well.


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