Picture Day

Last week, Louise’s day care sent home a piece of paper proclaiming that Wednesday was PICTURE DAY! And to sign up for photos. I was unreasonably excited – I think anyone can admit little tykes in the school picture format are just the cutest things. I was so excited I ran out and bought her a dress just for the occasion. Mike started protesting when he heard how much it cost but I reminded him that’s why I have a shopping budget…so he backed off. =)

The morning of picture day we dressed her up, stuck a bow in her hair and of course let her wear her bracelets. We were fancified and ready to rock.

8.29.13 Lou in dress 2 8.29.13 Lou in dress

We get to day care and nobody is in our room. After wandering around for a few minutes, I learn that Ms. Delois has taken two of the kids to get their photos taken, so we head over. Louise is a little disoriented with the change in process and decides she does not want her picture taken, she wants to cling on to me instead. No worries, I leave and assume she’ll take the picture later when I’m not around.

I pick her up that evening and learn that she was not interested in having her picture taken, period. Ms. Trisa said “there’s always next year.” I was pretty bummed but I understood…they’re not going to work for an hour to try to get one kid smiling. Louise…miss bossy boots as usual.

Mike saw the pics I took above and commented that she’s looking more and more like me. That caused us to look back at our baby pics and compare. I still think she’s a pretty strong blend – my eyes/eyebrows and his cheeks/mouth/chin.



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