Sixteen months


Well…this month wasn’t the easiest, to be honest. Almost immediately after her fifteen-month checkup where the doctor warned us about tantrums, she started acting differently. She would get super grumpy after she woke up if we didn’t magically know the exact order of what she wanted to do and when. She gets grouchy when she comes home from day care, too…but I think that’s mainly because she’s hungry. We’ve launched directly into snack time and that has seemed to help. Still, she’s pretty touch-and-go and we’ve been doing a lot of ignoring or diversion to try to get her to calm down.


We were trying to determine if her change in attitude is just part of growing up or if it’s because she’s been sick. She started throwing up once a day for a few days so we took her to the doctor and discovered she had dual ear infections and a sore throat from all the drainage. She’s also teething…her top two molars are coming in and we’ve noticed her chewing on her fingers much more. So at this point we really think it’s just sick + teething. Once we started her on antibiotics her demeanor improved dramatically, so we were very happy about that. Especially since we flew to New Orleans for Labor Day…that could have been bad news!


She has discovered bubbles and it’s a pretty major discovery. We will go out on our balcony and blow away for about 15 minutes, and she’ll dance around happily. Nietzsche has discovered them too and decided they are a threat to his safety and must be destroyed.


We’ve also noticed her ability to connect the dots has drastically increased. She has started making connections between what we do and what she wants, which is good and bad. She can spot something (like a bag of Goldfish) and know what’s in there and that she wants it. She can also do what we ask – if she’s squirming and I’m trying to get her pants on, I’ll ask her to calm down for a moment so I can put on her pajamas and she will stop. Or I’ll ask her to “show daddy” something (if we put our outfit on, or are carrying our purses, or something) and she knows to go find him and show off. She also loves Facetiming with her grandparents!


I think talking is just around the corner. Each week she adds another word to her vocabulary and she’s started babbling as if she’s talking, specifically while “reading” a book or talking on a phone. I was lotioning her up the other day after her bath and she started waving at me and saying “buh-bye,” like it was no big deal. I casually brought her to Mike and she did it again. Needless to say we think it’s amazing.


It could not be clearer that she prefers both of her grandfathers. I guess she has a preference for men, but it’s so cute to see her run over to them and snuggle. It’s not as awesome for the other family members who want some Louise quality time but I think she’ll come back around soon!


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