“There is no such thing as accidentally getting pregnant.”

—Shannon Haydel, as quoted frequently and fervently up until July 9, 2013*.

So…yeah. I bet you have an inkling as to where this post is going. =)

Starting in May, I sort of stopped taking my birth control. For no other reason than I was too lazy to drive to the store to pick it up. (It was slightly more complicated than that – it wasn’t ready when I needed to start taking it so I had to wait, our CVS pharmacy is literally like being in hell, etc. But the blame is ultimately on me). And then I didn’t take it in June, either.



That’s right…I’m pregnant! Mike and I are expecting our second baby next March and we’re really freaking excited – even though it was just a teensy bit unexpected. We panicked a little when we found out since this is about six months sooner than when we were planning, but we absolutely want another child and are more than ok with the quicker timeline. I am actually even a little relieved because trying to conceive was super stressful for me (even though in the grand scheme of things our first experience was incredibly smooth, and lucky).


Just like the first time around, we told our parents immediately. With Louise, I gave my parents a card that said something about being grandparents, and for this pregnancy we decided to get Louise a shirt that said “big sister.” There weren’t a lot of options so the one we bought was a little big and long-sleeved, but it did the job.


We went to dinner with my parents and brought Louise. My mom noticed the shirt right away and started shrieking, causing the other restaurant patrons to glance over. My dad came in a few minutes later and it took him a bit longer to see the shirt and understand – he thought it was in reference to my sister’s baby and wondered why it said “sister” instead of “cousin.” Obviously they were both thrilled.

Mike’s mom was coming in for a day that Monday which worked out great. We brought Louise out in the shirt and had to kind of point at it, but she figured it out pretty quickly too. We then texted the pic above to our siblings and the word (at least within the family) was officially out!


My friends Nat and Errin knew early on – Nat’s husband James asked us when baby #2 was happening at our friend’s son’s birthday party and I hadn’t yet perfected my poker face, so the news was spilled. That next week while we were planning Erin’s 30th birthday party, I offered to drive us around for the night to save money. Errin emailed back immediately asking if there was a REASON why I would just OFFER to stay SOBER?! Moms always have the intuition. =)

I told the rest of my friends right around the 11-12 week mark, and work at 13 weeks. Unfortunately with baby #2 the baby bump appears much sooner so I couldn’t hold off!

*Back story: When my girlfriends and I would get together and chat, occasionally someone would bring up a friend, relative, celebrity, etc, that “accidentally” got pregnant. My response to this news was always the same: there is no such thing as an accidental pregnancy. You can take birth control and use condoms and track your ovulation and and AND! There are just too many ways to avoid it. Therefore accidental pregnancies don’t happen.


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