Catching up: Weeks 6 – 13

I’ve been taking weekly pics during this pregnancy just like with Louise, although the first few aren’t exactly a week apart because my conception and due dates were jumping around. Doesn’t make a big difference though considering there wasn’t much belly growth then.

DSC_5619 DSC_5671

As you can see, I’ve decided to wear the same thing for this round of weekly bump pics. The only issue is that the maternity pants I’m wearing are stretched out at the waist from the first time around (I have no idea why, TEN POUND BABY LOUISE), so they kind of form a little bump on their own. It’s what I’m telling myself at least!


So far, this pregnancy has been pretty different than the first one. I haven’t had any nausea at all (I know, kill me) and the only part of my boobs that ache are the…central…area. I’ve been pretty tired but not the deep fatigue where I would pass out on the couch if I wasn’t paying attention. Now I make the conscious decision to nap on the couch. Totally different. I’ve noticed that I’m grouchier this time around. Little things put me in a bad mood and I am staying in that mood for a while. I’m not sure if it’s the hormones or just the more hectic time but man…it would be beneficial for the whole family if this went away!


Chicken is still appetizing to me – as a matter of fact, I don’t think I really have any food aversions. Things definitely sound GOOD though, and I’m much closer to having actual cravings versus last time (which was basically me scarfing sweets for nine months). I’m particularly craving carbs – pizza, or pretzels, or Goldfish. I guess salty stuff? I’m trying really hard to stay away completely from sodas, which I think were a problem the last time. I didn’t want to consume aspartame so I drank a lot of regular sodas, and obviously adding those calories wasn’t ideal. This time I’m sticking to tea.


My friend Michele, who’s a mom of two, correctly guessed my pregnancy at a wedding when I was almost ten weeks along. She is a smart one – she knows all of the non-alcoholic beer brands, and I had (so I thought) sneakily ordered one at her birthday dinner. Coupled with my already-protruding belly (yay bloat!) and her mom intuition, she whispered “I think you’re pregnant!” at the wedding. While I played it off, I figured if anyone would guess, a mom would. I play that game with the women at work and I’m usually pretty accurate.


I told the rest of my friends around 11-12 weeks. It’s just not as exciting of news when it’s number two…and I think I like it that way. Plus it’s been hard to focus on the baby since we’ve had so much else on our minds (Mike’s graduation, Mike job hunting, us house hunting)!


Week 12 is where you can really see the baby bump start to happen (although we all know it’s 98% bloat). I checked back and this is what I looked like around 17-18 weeks the first time around. I think I have to thank my poor weak ab muscles for this killer bod.


For some reason I panicked during the Down’s Syndrome testing this time around. I really didn’t think it was going to be an issue (I’m super low risk) but this pregnancy in general has left me more panicky and definitely grouchier than before. I’m working hard to overcome these weird emotions but man…they’re strong. (Of course the doctor called and our risk is as low as possible for Down’s).

Also the “13” was supposed to be lavender but I didn’t realize the paper wasn’t colored on both sides and traced the numbers on the lavender side. This was really important news I thought you needed to know.

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