Boy or girl?

Male female

Obviously one of the first things I thought about once we found out I was pregnant with Louise was the sex of the baby. I truly didn’t care the first time around, but was a little pleased when I found out Louise was a girl because I wanted at least one daughter. I’m going into number two the same way – I will be pleased as punch either way. I have a teeny hope it’s a boy just so we have one of each, but then I think about having two girls less than two years apart and it warms my little heart. And I love our girl name we picked out. And I have six bins full of girl clothes…

BUT – based on my body, I think it’s a boy. I was a little nauseous with Louise (never threw up), but this pregnancy so far has been completely nausea-free. I also am experiencing little-to-no breast tenderness, which was definitely one of the first signs I was pregnant the first time around. Additionally, I broke out on my face with Louise, but with this pregnancy – nada. I have the tiniest sprinkle along the top of my spine but that’s it.

Of course the big caveat is that every pregnancy is different. One of the old wives’ tales is the heartbeat, and the baby was pumping along at 175 bpm at my 10-week checkup and in the 150’s at my 12-week sono (the myth is that anything over 150 suggests it’s a girl). The sono tech at my 12-week sonogram also predicted girl based on this spine measurement thing. Plus the Chinese baby gender predictor says I’m having a girl, and we all know that’s 100% accurate.


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