15 weeks

I think this is the start of some real belly growth. I’m looking forward to actually looking pregnant again, and I’m maximizing my stomach sleeping before that goes away! I might have to splurge on a body pillow this time around.DSC_5907

It was a week of ups and downs. I think this was the week I hit my lowest so far in terms of how I felt. I was really emotional both in a weepy way and in getting really frustrated at everyone around me. Something really small would happen and I could see myself turning into a grumpster, which made me feel bad since nobody did anything wrong. There were a few big things to have to manage, too: my car died and that turned into a multi-issue (and super expensive) ordeal, Louise got dual ear infections again which means she’s most likely going to have to get tubes in her ears, we were going on our first house hunt over the weekend which stressed me out, etc.

Luckily Mike and my mom noticed my mood swings and worked hard over the weekend to help me right-side myself. My mom offered to take Louise overnight on Saturday so Mike and I could go house hunting in the afternoon and then enjoy the evening sans baby. That definitely helped a lot since I didn’t have to think about anything other than relaxing and watching some college football. Mike and I both slept well that night and I went over to get her the next morning. Louise was in a great mood all day Sunday and I managed to get a run in to maximize the beautiful weather, which always helps my mood.


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