Blast from the Past

Every once in a while I clean out the photos on my phone. Obviously they’re all uploaded to my computer, but I keep quite a few (like, over a thousand) on my phone for sentimental reasons. I was going through the oldest ones today and realized a) I took a LOT of photos of Nietzsche and b) I take way, way more of Louise. Here are some photos I thought were funny from our pre-baby life. I’ll try to document them accordingly.

2009: I found this fur coat at my favorite consignment store (Clotheshorse Anonymous) while looking for some kind of ivory jacket/wrap for my wedding. I didn’t realize how Dynasty this would look until I put it on.

9.25.13 Fur coat

2009: My sister bought be a snuggie for my bachelorette party. I felt belting it was the most appropriate action.

9.25.13 Snuggie

2010: I forget what the app was called, but you could add cats to any photo. Obviously it was a hit.

9.25.13 Cats

2010: Instead of doing the PWC (post-wedding chop), I did the PWD (post-wedding dye). It was a fun year as a brunette.

9.25.13 Brown hair

2011: Mike + Bruce = Love.

9.25.13 Bruce Willis

ALL THE YEARS: Nietzsche, Nietzsche, Nietzsche.

9.25.13 Nietzsche


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