We knew it was going to be a nice day, so we headed out to the Arboretum to take photos with the pumpkins and check out the Rory Meyers Children’s Adventure Garden. The pumpkin photos were successful, but we didn’t get five steps inside the toddler area of the children’s garden because they had mini fountains and Louise wouldn’t get away from those. So we’ll have to go back again.

DSC_5911 DSC_5920 DSC_5922 DSC_5930 DSC_5931 DSC_5943 DSC_5947 DSC_5954 DSC_5959

Louise’s sassy look as I’m trying to tell her what to do.DSC_5970DSC_5973

Guess who loved riding on dad’s shoulders? DSC_5988

Here she is at the fountains. We stressed out the other parents because we let her play in the fountains (you can see we brought a change of clothes and her Crocs), but other kids tried to get in on the action in their regular clothes.



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