16 weeks

This week was much, much better than last week. I think the pregnancy isn’t necessarily causing my mood to be worse, but my moods to be more pronounced. So if I’m in a good mood it’s the best good mood ever, and vice versa for bad moods.


You can definitely see a bump now, but it’s still not pronounced enough for strangers to think it’s a baby. I’ve noticed that I’m less concerned about it this time around – meaning, I’m not trying to mask it until it’s an obvious bump.

I thought I’d do a monthly survey instead of weekly keeping up to date with how things are going, officially.

Total weight gain/loss? Around two-three pounds, although for some reason I told my doctor my starting weight was about three pounds lighter than it actually was so my official weight gain is six pounds.
Exercise: It’s hard for me to get past two runs per week, but I’m working on it! At least the weather’s been better so I can jog with Lou.
Maternity clothes? A little yes, a little no. Mostly no still.
Best moment this week: Seeing Louise so happy at the Arboretum, and house hunting with Mike
Worries: I tend to get super nervous around this time about the potential for issues with the baby…heart defect, etc. I am confident we’ll have another beautiful, healthy baby but I can’t help but stress out!
Miss anything: My friend Lindsey had some friends over and I definitely missed having a glass or two of wine with them!
Food cravings: Not really anything, although I have made two batches of some chocolate peanut butter Rice Krispie treats and Mike and I have been casually working our way through those…
Gender prediction: I am leaning toward girl. I really thought it was a boy in the beginning but I think I’m just avoiding all of the girl signs.
Symptoms: Doing pretty well!
Happy or Moody: Moody for a couple weeks, and then happy for a couple!

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