Sick baby

What a shocking post, right? It’s hard to believe Louise ever gets sick.

After the latest round of ear infections (which – for the record – is four in five months), Louise’s pediatrician wanted us to come back in after we finished the antibiotics to see if her ears actually cleared up. I took her in yesterday morning and found that they had not. Her right ear was not infected but there was fluid behind her eardrum, and the left ear was infected. This was after ten days of antiobiotics.

Our doctor discussed the importance of having clear ears at this age so there aren’t any delays in speech development and referred me to a pediatric ENT doctor. Basically, yesterday was the day we came to terms with Louise getting tubes in her ears. I beat myself up about it, but the more I talk with other people, the more I realize how common tubes are, and how they aren’t correlated with anything like formula feeding or bad mothering (MOM GUILT ALERT).

I thought that was going to be the most dramatic part of the day, but around 2:45pm Louise’s day care called and said she had a 103 fever and needed to be taken home. She was in rough shape and I felt so bad for our little baby. When we got home we pumped her full of children’s Tylenol and her new antibiotics. She writhed around for a while on me, but once Mike took his turn she passed right out around 5pm.

10.3.13 Louise sick sleeping

We thought she’d wake up once the Tylenol kicked in so she could eat, but she just wasn’t hungry. We roused her to drink some water and take a super-quick bath around 8pm, but she pretty much slept from 5pm until 6:30am the next morning. She seemed in a much better mood which relieved us – it had been a while since she had a fever that high.


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