Shopping for Louise: Fall edition

I’ve pretty much bought all of the clothes Louise will be wearing this fall, but here are a few things that I’ve seen that are just the cutest. The good thing about being pregnant is my shopping budget pretty much goes to Louise. Don’t be surprised if she pops up in one or more of these in the future.


Mini Boden Applique dress – AHHH why is everything Boden so cute?! I think they’re officially my favorite brand. This would be an adorable Thanksgiving outfit with a peter pan collared onesie and some tights. Hmm…(adds items to shopping cart)


Belted cable sweater dress, Fair Isle tight, Fair Isle sweater beret (Janie and Jack) – I almost can’t handle Janie and Jack sometimes. They can get sooo themey, but I love their knitted stuff and I LOVE their tights. Also Louise in a beret was a smashing success last year so I could see it again this year.


Printed cord dress (Gap) – I haven’t pulled the trigger on this yet but I probably will. It’s adorable and a great fall/transition dress.

North Face

Oso hooded fleece jacket (The North Face) – During a get-together with friends this past weekend, we were talking about clothes for our kids and one of my friends’ husbands sarcastically said “well every kid needs a North Face, right?” Even though he was joking, all of the moms nodded enthusiastically. It’s just a fact.

Ralph Lauren

Cotton sampler cardigan (Ralph Lauren) – I don’t know why, but I am a total sucker for these sweaters. I’m not spending $100 on them and they’re not my or Louise’s style…but I just love them. They look heirloom-y.

Ugg leopard print boot

Ugg Leopard print boot – I wanted these so bad last year but it didn’t make sense to splurge on shoes for a baby who wore mostly socks. This year they’re a must have.


Minnetonka Double Fringe boot (Nordstrom) – These are just the cutest! If she didn’t already have pink Toms and I wasn’t planning on buying her Uggs I would totally go for these.

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