17 weeks

Another good week!


Not much happening this week…I’ve seen a little more belly growth but things are pretty normal. I can definitely feel my uterus when I lay on my back which is fun. For some reason I think this baby is situated much lower than Louise was, but I just think I don’t remember that random detail. I haven’t felt any flutters or anything yet but am really looking forward to when I do!

I’ve started tossing and turning while sleeping this past week – I hope it isn’t a standing trend because I need my sleep! My knees are also hurting when I walk out of the house, but they haven’t affected anything like running yet so who knows what will happen there. My feet get a little crampy too, especially when I’m wearing heels. Oh the fun side effects of pregnancy!

Speaking of side effects, I haven’t seen the positive ones yet (still have psoriasis on my scalp, still have tummy issues). I can’t remember when those went away the first time but it seems like it was around now.


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