Fall weekend

We had a fun Sunday this past weekend since the weather was so nice!

Saturday we didn’t do much – it was chilly and rainy outside and I had to get my hair done which takes 3 hours, so Louise stayed indoors pretty much all day. We don’t like to do that but sometimes it just happens. We took a quick trip to our mailbox but that’s about it. Then our babysitter came over so Mike and I could go to dinner with a couple of college friends.

Sunday was gorgeous. I was so excited because I’d bought this pink and purple sweater at Peek in the spring and had been waiting for months to get to put it on Louise. Mike calls it her hippie sweater. Coupled with shorts it was the perfect weight for a brisk day.


We started out the day at the Arboretum with Nat and her family. Lindsey and her sister joined us as well. It was PACKED but still a good time. Louise got to ride dad’s shoulders again which she loves.


We went to the Arboretum last weekend and noticed that Louise doesn’t want to take a nap when we get home. Same thing happened yesterday…she cried, whined and talked in her crib for about 45 minutes before we gave up and let her come out. This is her self-satisfied look.


We fed her lunch and let her play, and sure enough, she started acting like this:


While Mike was getting the grownups lunch, I tried again to put her down. She protested briefly and then passed out around 2:15. When she takes a late nap she always wakes up suuuuper grumpy, so we had to console her with cuddles and apple juice for about 30 minutes once she woke up. But once she got over it she was her happy self again.

I decided to take her for a stroll while Mike cooked some steaks. We went to the trail/nature preserve I usually take her when I go jogging, but this time I let her out to romp around. She LOVED it.


She would walk along with me, and then give me a devilish look and take off in the opposite direction. Nobody was on the trail so I was ok with it. She even tried to juke me a couple of times.


She also discovered how fun walking in dead leaves can be. They make a funny noise!


We waved at the DART train as it passed, played on their stone playground thing, walked back and forth on the wooden bridge, and then decided it was time to go home. It was great to get out a little extra energy before bedtime – I noticed she passed right out when we put her down. Cute outfit and a productive, energetic day – win win!


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