18 weeks

This week was pretty normal. I’m definitely bumping out of control, way more than the last time around.


I’m ok with that though. Bump = baby, and baby = good!

I haven’t really thought about it, but the fatigue has pretty much subsided. I’m really looking forward to the next couple of months – the holidays are a great time to be in your second trimester since you feel pretty great, and we have SO MUCH going on that I’m sure it will fly by in the blink of an eye. I decided last minute that I couldn’t wait until Christmas to see my impending nephew, so I booked a flight the first weekend in November to get up there and visit the new family of three. If he’s here by then, that is. He better be! Flying pregnant is no picnic (although it’s light years better than flying with a toddler…).

I think it’s starting to hit both Mike and I that we’re having another baby. My friend Michele asked me a few months ago if I started getting baby fever when Louise turned one, and I didn’t really – but boy is it in full swing now! I think I tell Mike once a week “man, I’m glad I’m pregnant, because if I wasn’t I’d be DYING.” Every time I see or hear a little infant cooing, crying, or just being adorable, I can’t handle it. I know what we’re getting into with the lack of sleep and frustrating times and all of that, but I can.not.wait.

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