Recent goings-on

The weird thing is, the day after we went to the Ear, Nose, and Throat doctor, Louise has been acting fantastic. I don’t know if it’s because this is the longest she’s gone without antibiotics in months or if she is just a fan of the brisk weather we’ve been having, but it’s strange. Hopefully things continue to go uphill after her tube surgery on Wednesday!


Working the transition weather clothing.

IMG_4741 IMG_4739

Even though Mike and I were convinced UT was not going to beat OU this year, that didn’t stop us from showing our school spirit (and happily we were proven wrong)! Louise got lots of compliments from the women at day care on her dress, but personally I was a fan of her longhorn socks. We chose to stay in and watch it on TV this year following our disastrous attempt to go to the game last year.

IMG_4743 IMG_4744

Serious bedhead after her nap.


Pensive girl with her milk.

IMG_4761 IMG_4766

Her fall preppy outfit. I have a weakness for chambray on little kids (and myself, let’s face it). Not to mention her skinny cords. We can’t hike up her pants any higher since she has such a belly so all of her pants bag up like that. Maybe I’ll fold them next time.

IMG_4779 IMG_4783 IMG_4784

Ballerina/aerobic instructor.

IMG_4785 IMG_4786


Mike, Carlie and I decided to participate in Plano’s Haunt Jaunt this year. It was pretty fun! The weather was just perfect, they had a bunch of community groups along the 5k path doing Halloween scenes, and Louise was a trouper. I was a little bummed we had to bundle her up so you couldn’t see her glow-in-the-dark skeleton pajamas, but that’s ok. She stayed up about 45 minutes past her bedtime but she woke up normally the next day so no harm, no foul.

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