Louise had surgery this morning and got tubes in both of her ears. She was a total rockstar; we are so proud of her.

Our arrival time was set for 6:10am, so Mike and I woke up around 5:15 and got her up right before we left at 5:45. She did such a good job in the morning considering we couldn’t give her any food or drink. It helped that there were other kids in the waiting room that she could observe.


The nurse at the entrance gave Louise two stickers which solidified her as Louise’s favorite. She continued to wear the stickers (one on her hand, one on her shin) through the remainder of the surgery.


Things moved pretty quickly and everyone was super friendly. We waited about twenty minutes, Louise just strutted around and danced to some music. Notice the sticker placement.


Then the nurse came by to give her baby Valium. It took about six minutes to kick in, but it definitely kicked in.


Then the nurse came by, took Louise, and they were off. We met my dad in the waiting room and in about ten minutes, the doctor came in and let us know that things went well. She had mucus and fluid in her ears, further solidifying how necessary this surgery was. After a few minutes we could go see her. She was NOT happy. She wouldn’t stop crying, except to chug some watered down apple juice. My mom joined us then so Louise had a full support system. After about twenty minutes we were discharged and went home. She was pretty grouchy but started calming down.


Once we got home and gave her some food, she returned to normal. We were so impressed. My adrenaline wore off and I conked out, but not Louise!



We were so relieved everything went pretty much as well as it could have, and we’re looking forward to seeing the results!


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