Fourth anniversary

Four years ago yesterday, Mike and I were doing this:

Wedding insta

And now, four years later, here we are:


It’s been kind of a tough year for us – lots of change and uncertainty. We’re coming out of it now – we see the light at the end of the tunnel – but things like graduating with a doctorate, looking for a job, getting pregnant rather unexpectedly, and deciding where to live are pretty big milestones in and of themselves. Stuffing them into about five months made for one hectic year!

We went to dinner at Spoon Bar & Kitchen, which was AMAZING. My friend Nat recommended it and we were absolutely not disappointed. Mike even said it’s probably his favorite restaurant in Dallas other than Bob’s, which is saying a lot. My parents were nice enough to put Louise to bed so we could enjoy our night out. If I wasn’t pregnant we probably would have stopped one more place for a nightcap, but we were home by 8:45.

Looking forward to the next year!


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