Twenty weeks – halfway!

It’s been a good week, again! I’m creeping up on the weight gain month from Louise’s pregnancy, so I’m trying to be extra careful with my food intake. Other than that, things have been peachy.
Total weight gain/loss? About six-seven pounds.
Exercise: I got sick so it dropped off for a couple of weeks, but we ran the 5k Haunt Jaunt and that jumpstarted it again this last week.
Maternity clothes? Pretty much all of the time now, especially for pants. I just feel better in elastic clothing!
Best moment this month: Finding out the sex of the baby! Seeing her open and close her mouth and put her hand in her mouth during the sonogram was pretty cool, too. I love our sono tech; she spent a long time showing us everything.
Worries: I didn’t worry that much this month, luckily. I think my main concern now is that we may not have a house by the time this baby is born!
Miss anything: Wine still. And not having knee issues. And having an easier time picking out my clothes each morning.
Food cravings: Wendy’s! Specifically their chicken nuggets and french fries. I also have been craving waffles – I’ve had them for brunch two Sundays in a row. This Sunday I mixed things up with french toast.
Gender prediction: Mike and I chatted the Sunday before our anatomy ultrasound and both agreed we thought it was a girl. Turns out we were right 🙂
Symptoms: Much better than last month – very little symptoms and I think all of the good things are starting to kick in (no psoriasis, no tummy issues, etc). Getting into the good part! I have a little bit of pain on either side of my tummy next to my hips since I’m growing, but it’s rare and manageable.
Happy or Moody: Happy!

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