Halloween festivities

We had a fun week celebrating Halloween!


My friend Michele had her annual pumpkin carving party. I haven’t ever actually carved a pumpkin there – I always bring one but never have the time – but it was still fun! She is an amazing decorator; everything looked fantastic. I can’t believe she knows so many kids – they were everywhere!

After warming up to the crowd a bit, Louise mastered the playground.


Family photo!


After we gave her a cookie she got a little hyper and started attacking dad.

IMG_4873 IMG_4875

We left around 7:15 and the party was still going strong. Those were some happy kiddos!

THURSDAY (actual Halloween)

Louise’s day care was having a football-themed fall festival, so I stopped in around 3:30. We ate a special snack first, complete with apple juice. JUICE!!


We took a photo before going outside to play. That’s Cheeto dust all over her face.


Louise liked the pink football. I couldn’t get her to throw it but she sure liked posing with it.

IMG_4888 IMG_4891 IMG_4892

Around 5pm we motored home, ate some dinner, and then went to my parent’s neighborhood for Louise’s first trick-or-treating experience!

DSC_6090 DSC_6091

Little Red Riding Hood, the wolf, and the lumberjack.


My parents live in a neighborhood with really large lots so we only made it to five houses, but Louise picked up the trick-or-treating process really quickly, even making sure to put each piece of candy in her purse. My dad would pull her in the wagon to each house, and then we’d get her out to walk up the path and ring the doorbell.


It was so cute and I was so proud of our little trick-or-treater!


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