Elliot’s finally here!

What a weekend!

My dad and I flew to New York Friday afternoon with the intent to spend a few days with my new nephew. The plans shifted a bit however since he hadn’t been born yet! We were hoping he was going to arrive while we were there, and he did. Not without some DRAMA!

We got in and had a good evening. My mom was already there so it was a full house.

After dinner we went for a walk to hopefully kick start Liz’s labor. Here we are…two pregnant sisters! Of course we both made silly faces. We’re Fausaks after all.

IMG_4913 IMG_4912 IMG_4911

Saturday morning around 4:30am, my sister noticed some changes so she popped by the hospital. Things were fine but the beginning signs of labor were there. We were all excited!

She was having contractions all day, and by midnight-ish she decided it was time to go to the birthing center. Turns out she was only 2cm dilated, which was discouraging for her. We packed up all of our stuff (we were so ready we even had the car seat) and went home. We all managed to get a few hours of sleep, but not much.

Liz’s contractions were getting stronger and stronger, and mid-day Sunday she decided that she needed to go back in. The hospital was three blocks away versus the 30-minute cab ride to the birthing center, so she decided to go to the hospital. Once she got there and discovered she was still only 4cm dilated, she made the executive decision to get an epidural (she was originally planning on a natural birth). I am so happy she made that decision – she had already been in labor for over 24 hours; I can’t imagine what kind of pain she was going through and how exhausted she must have been!

Once she got the epidural, things were pretty hunky dory for a while. She dilated much more quickly once she was relaxed and we were thinking little Elliot was going to arrive on Katie’s birthday (November 3). Well…Elliot wasn’t done just yet.

Liz started pushing around 10pm. She pushed…and pushed…and pushed. She was doing so well but things just weren’t progressing. She had to get two “top-offs” of the epidural so there were a couple periods in there where she was in a lot of pain. Around 2am, the doctor came in and took a look. She said nothing was blocking the baby, he was still doing really well, but for some reason he just wasn’t coming out. She told Liz that they were going to try the vacuum, but if it didn’t work the next step was Cesarean. My sister really didn’t want to end up there but at that point had been pushing for four hours and was just too exhausted.

The first attempt with the vacuum produced nothing – Elliot stayed firm and didn’t budge. We were all so nervous. The second attempt saw some movement and the doctor asked Liz if she could try one more time because she thought it was going to work. Liz gave everything she had and, at 2:43am on 11/4 after five hours of pushing and 36 hours of labor, Elliot finally made his appearance!!


He was a big baby – 9lbs, 3oz – and was a little tilted in my sister, so those are what caused the delays. We were all so happy he finally made it (and without resorting to a Cesarean), but Elliot’s parents most of all. Katie couldn’t take her eyes off of him.



We all cried tears of joy and exhaustion, and the Fausak-Perry family were finally united together.

IMG_4923 IMG_4926

My parents and I made it back to Liz and Katie’s apartment around 4am and tried to get some sleep. Liz, still excited, started texting us around 8am so we figured four hours of sleep was enough and headed back to the hospital. We got to spend time with the new moms and their adorable baby.


Look at how CUTE he is!!! He’s going to have lips like his mom.


Katie went back to their apartment while my mom and I were in the hospital to try to get a few hours of sleep. This is basically what our lives were like all weekend – snatching a few hours of sleep here and there, wherever we could rest our heads.


Elliot Jupiter Perry is seriously an adorable baby. He was so chill and is already killing it with breastfeeding. I am so proud of my sister; what she went through was something amazing. Although I wish I could have spent more time with Elliot, I felt privileged to be there when my sister had her baby (I just accidentally typed “our,” that’s how it felt!).

And then, just to cap off an already action-packed weekend, my dad and I almost missed our flight back to Dallas because apparently at LaGuardia airport, gate D1 means terminal B, gate D1, not terminal D, gate 1. You live, you learn.


One thought on “Elliot’s finally here!

  1. Thank you for writing down chronologically what happened over the weekend. I can barely remember what day it is!
    I have to say, I have a pretty amazing family and some spectacular grandkids!!

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