21 weeks

I think I grew a lot this week, mostly because of my trip to NYC and the many doughnuts, pancakes, and bagels consumed!


I haven’t really seen a huge uptick in my appetite, although I’ve been eating more sweets (Halloween). I’m trying to eat salads for lunch to compensate for the carbo-loading!

Celine is starting to kick in there and I LOVE it. Even though being pregnant is not my most favorite thing, I forgot how much I love feeling the baby inside of me. It’s a gentle reminder of what we’re getting in a few months.

I also loved being around my sister and Katie when they had their baby over the weekend. It’s easy to forget what a miracle childbirth is, especially since it happens all the time. Being right there when Elliot was born not only reminded me of how special a privilege it is to get to have a baby, but it made me so excited for our little Celine. Now, if I end up with a 36 hour labor and five hours of pushing, you may hear a different story!


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