Eighteen months


Things have been much better since Louise’s ear tubes surgery! She handled the actual surgery like a champion and we immediately started seeing positive changes. She picked up a lot of words right after, she hasn’t been sick yet (probably the longest she’s gone in a while), and she generally seems like a happier baby.


We’ve noticed that she seems to understand us much more, which we’re exploiting. Whether it’s asking her to do something, putting her to bed, or just playing with her, it’s been such a hoot to be able to communicate with her.


She’s started getting fussy in her car seat if we don’t give her something to eat or drink. We made the mistake of giving her graham crackers, but now we’re trying to stick only to water. I think it’s working – we definitely don’t want to start that habit. Louise’s pediatrician talked to us for a while about making sure we don’t snack her too much.


It was a fun month with Halloween – she was Little Red Riding Hood and the outfit her Grandma Fausak made for her was amazing. She received so many compliments and seemed to enjoy wearing it. She also enjoyed walking up to neighbor’s front doors and getting candy to put in her purse!

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