24 Weeks

I “popped” this week. Strangers are now asking about the bump and coworkers have been telling me that I’ve grown. Here come the two-ish months where it’s fun to be pregnant and you have a cute little belly. Then the dog days of pregnancy start!


Total weight gain/loss? Looking at around 15 pounds.
Exercise: What is that?
Maternity clothes? Oh yes! I’m slowly realizing I need more maternity clothes, but I’m just not excited to buy them. Every time I think I should I just buy clothes for Louise!
Best moment this month: She is just kicking like crazy! Mike felt it for the first time as well – she really is moving up a storm down there. I always wondered when people said they could feel a baby kicking their bladder, but now I know!
Worries: House hunting. Such an up-and-down process…mostly down right now.
Miss anything: Not really…fitting into all of my clothes?
Food cravings: My sister in law Dominique introduced me to chocolate-covered grahams from Central Market and they are dan-ger-ous.
Symptoms: Nothing much! Out of breath really, that’s about it.
Happy or Moody: Happy!

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