Nineteen months

Guess who’s a big girl?

This month was interesting. She’s definitely a toddler now – she’s becoming more and more aware of herself and her impact on others. Her new favorite word is “no” and she uses it liberally.

After our week-long trip to New Orleans, she’s also rebelling against the routines that she used to love – she hates getting out of the bath, she hates getting her pajamas on (or her clothes in the morning), she hates reading a story.

She still goes to sleep really easily (thank goodness!) but she’s definitely expressing her independence more and it’s a bit of a headache.

Luckily she’s still adorable and a good girl 80% of the time. She still loves roughhousing, watching videos of herself, identifying animal and vehicle noises, and dancing to music. She has learned how to say “please” when she wants something and it’s pretty cute. I love watching her develop; it’s such an amazing process.

I haven’t tried to talk to her about the baby in my stomach but I doubt she’d get it anyway.


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