Icemaggedon + sick baby

What a weekend!

The entire metroplex was prepared for a crazy ice storm to hit, and sure enough it did. There was freezing rain all Thursday night, and Friday morning we woke up to super slick roads, below freezing temperatures, and a good amount of downed trees and power issues. Luckily we did not have to contend with tree or power issues – one of the few benefits to still being in an apartment, I guess – but we did wake up to a sick Louise.

She woke up about an hour earlier than usual and wasn’t interested in breakfast. She was drinking water and then all of a sudden started vomiting. She seemed fine after throwing up so we just relaxed on the couch and watched some Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. About an hour later, however, she ralphed again. And an hour later…again. She seemed pretty exhausted and went down for her nap at 9:30 – three hours earlier than usual. She slept for four hours – poor girl, she must have been feeling terrible!

IMG_5237 IMG_5242

After she woke up from her nap she seemed to be back to normal. She ate, she played with her toys, and she was ready for her bath.

IMG_5258 IMG_5262

She slept well, and Saturday came and went without incident. I was a little stir crazy so I took a trip to the grocery store and JoAnn’s. I almost got stuck in a couple of parking lots but for the most part the ice on the streets was manageable.

Sunday…we went back to square one. She woke up ok and ate breakfast, but quickly starting acting sick and sure enough, projectile vomited her breakfast all over me, her, and the couch. We had a mom-and-daughter bath (with bubbles of course) while Mike cleaned the couch, and then we were back to snuggling. For some reason she only wanted to snuggle with me and not dad, which was a nice feeling but you know…I would have enjoyed a little break.


I could tell when she started feeling crummy again – her stomach would start gurgling and she would writhe around in my arms – but this time we had a towel ready and I leaned her forward when things started getting messy. I feel so bad when babies throw up because they just do it all over themselves. We cleaned her up and put her in her third pair of jammies for the day, started yet another load of laundry, and snuggled more. She soon fell asleep so we decided to call it a day a little bit earlier than usual.

I think the entire city is ready for the ice to melt so we can get back to business, and I’m hoping Louise feels better in the morning so she can go to day care!

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