After two weekends ago when Louise was sick, we thought things would get back to normal. They actually got worse! Since Louise had a really high fever Monday night, we asked my mom to come over on Tuesday to watch Louise so we could go to work. When she showed up both Mike and I were still in our PJ’s – now WE were sick as well.

12.13.13 Sick Lou 1

I had woken up around 1am and felt really nauseous. I ended up vomiting every hour until 7am (probably the most I’ve ever thrown up in one day). Mike felt really bad too but luckily never threw up. Louise wasn’t 100% and we noticed that she had started coughing, so my mom stuck around for half of the day to watch her while Mike and I recovered.

Wednesday we woke up and just knew Louise had to go back to the doctor. She was in major pain every time she coughed, which was often, and could barely sleep or eat. It was heartbreaking to watch her be in so much pain. Mike watched her for the first half of the day while I tried to catch up at work, and then I picked her up and headed to the doctor, hoping the news was positive.

12.13.13 Sick Lou 2

It wasn’t. Turns out she may have inhaled some of her vomit and had contracted pneumonia. I teared up when the doctor told me that – I just couldn’t believe it. He decided to give her a shot of antibiotics to kick start the treatment, and that he’d see her back Friday to confirm if it was bacterial or if we would have to do a chest X-ray and assume the pneumonia was viral.

12.13.13 Sick Lou 3

The nurses came in to administer the antibiotics and told me it was actually two shots, one in each leg, since it was so thick. Holding my sick baby down on the table while they stuck her legs definitely was one of the low points of the day.  I called Mike and my mom and tearfully filled them in while we hung out in the waiting room for about 20 minutes to ensure she didn’t have a reaction to the medicine. We spent the rest of the day coaxing her to drink juice, sitting in the bathroom with the shower on to get some productive coughs, and trying to make her feel more comfortable.

12.13.13 Sick Lou 5

Thursday rolled around and my mom came over to watch Louise so Mike and I could get a day’s work in (and get a little break from six days of house arrest). Luckily Louise was feeling marginally better, and when we came home she was acting closer to normal. She ate some food (mostly marshmallows) and had a happy bath, and when we put her to bed she slept most of the night without coughing. We were so happy for that progress. Just seeing her smile was such an improvement.

12.13.13 Sick Lou 4 12.13.13 Sick Lou 6 12.13.13 Sick Lou 7 12.13.13 Sick Lou 8

Friday was the follow up doctor’s appointment. I had a meeting a work so Mike went with Louise. The doctor did not think she was doing any better so she received another antibiotic shot and they went ahead with the chest X-ray. The X-ray showed that it was definitely pneumonia, more so in her right lung than left (indicative of bacterial pneumonia). Her oxygen was also at 93%: 97% – 100% is normal, and anything under 90% warrants a trip to the hospital. Based on this information, the doctor decided she needed to come back on Saturday. That’s a fourth doctor trip in one week if you’re counting.


Saturday’s appointment was our first glimmer of good news. Her oxygen levels were back up to 97% and she was acting like she was feeling better – both really encouraging signs. She received one final antibiotic shot and started her oral antibiotics – which apparently are really, really disgusting. We were told to mix them with something she likes (juice, chocolate syrup, etc) to help disguise the taste, but we chose to give her marshmallows immediately after. It seemed to work.


Sunday she was definitely on the mend, and since Mike’s dad was in town he confirmed that she was doing better. Everyone breathed a little sigh of relief – it was incredibly worrisome that she had to keep going back to the doctor and I was panicked that she may have to be hospitalized. Now our only decision is whether or not we should fly with her to New York for Christmas…


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