Christmas tree!

We were not planning on getting a Christmas tree this year since we were going to be out of town starting today, but due to our change in plans we ended up with one. We had previously decided to store our dining room table at my parent’s house to make room for baby #2  (until we get our house), so we had a perfect spot for it. It was surprisingly easy to get home, put up and decorate. All done to a soundtrack of Christmas music of course!
IMG_5380 IMG_5378

Louise made an ornament at day care with her picture on it, so we let her put that on the tree. She’s so dainty with ornaments, it’s funny. I know most of my friends can’t put ornaments on the tree within their children’s reach, but Louise will place an ornament on the tree, step back and admire it, take it off and bring it to us, and repeat. She’s definitely not aggressive with them (and they’re not real glass so it doesn’t matter anyway).
IMG_5388 IMG_5392

Aunt Dominique gave Louise her own ornament to put on the tree. Louise loves it – she will go to the tree and admire it, point to it, touch it, take it off to put it in its box, and then put it on the tree again.

I can’t wait for Santa to come!


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