28 weeks

Rockin’ and rollin’.


I’ve started waking up a bit during the night, but I go right back to bed so it’s not a huge deal. I’ve noticed that the bump is finally big enough to start getting in the way of things, too. I can’t squeeze out of the car in a tight spot, or pop right up after sitting on the ground. It takes a little more time and effort to move around these days. I still think I’m in a much better place weight-wise than the first time around so it’s not bad!

Total weight gain/loss? Around 20 pounds, give or take.
Exercise: Still nothing. So lazy…
Maternity clothes? Totally, although I can still fit into some regular tops. I also just bought a men’s sweater on sale at Banana Republic…so I’ve gone there, now.
Best moment this month: All the kicking and all the belly growth! Means it’s a healthy baby!
Worries: Not much with baby #2…all of our worries were wrapped up in Louise this month!
Miss anything: My family. We’re Facetiming with them multiple times a day but it’s not the same as spending Christmas with them. Mike and I are doing our best to make it a special holiday with our family.
Food cravings: Nope! I am eating more sweets because I can, but I’m not really craving them. If anything I’m craving water, especially right when I wake up and right before I go to bed.
Symptoms: Starting to waddle a little bit, and I’m drinking a ton of water.
Happy or Moody: Happy!

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