29 weeks

Oof, I feel like a whale!


So much movement! Celine likes to kick around right when I wake up, right before I go to bed, and whenever I eat or drink something with sugar. She also feels like she’s right on the surface – no padding between the baby and the outside!

I’ve definitely started sneaking into third trimester symptoms. I’ve had some foot pain, exhaustion, etc. I am still feeling great but I’m noticing some big-belly things happening.

My doctor said I’m carrying this baby really low and I can feel it! I’m malleable on the top but rock hard at the bottom of the baby bump. I have less heartburn than with Louise too, I think because Celine is so much lower. I feel like all of my pregnancy symptoms starting from the beginning have suggested that it is a boy (if you believe the old wives’ tales), but clearly she is a girl. Although of course I’ll still use all of those “predictors” if I get pregnant again, just like I did with this baby!


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