2013 in review

What a year!

I started teaching my last semester of Advertising Media & Marketing at UNT. I met baby Ethan and Louise started pulling up!
L_05 IMG_3013

I went to Austin for Carlie’s bachelorette party and Mike and I hosted a crawfish boil. Louise also started crawling, and my sister found out she was PREGNANT!
IMG_3083 DSC_4744 IMG_3147

Lots of wedding activities – Carlie and Paul got married, I went to Napa for Lindsey’s bachelorette, and then she married Colin at the end of the month! Louise also had her first Easter.
DSC_4915 IMG_6062 IMG_0406

We had a few birthday parties and went to New Orleans for Dominique & Ross’ couples shower! Louise also started walking!
IMG_3411 IMG_3486 DSC_5352 IMG_3539

Louise turned one, and Dominique and Ross got married. A busy and fun month!
DSC_5417 DSC_5507 0498 0607

Mike turned 31, but other than that we laid pretty low.
IMG_3987 IMG_4178

Louise started day care, my mom hosted a baby shower for Liz and Katie, and my grandfather had his 75th birthday party! We also found out we were expecting baby #2!
IMG_5503 IMG_4243 DSC_5609 IMG_4299

Mike defended his dissertation, we celebrated the marriage of Susanne and Mike, and Errin, Carlie and I threw EK a prom-themed thirtieth birthday party!
IMG_4434 IMG_0810 DSC_5730

We visited Grammy and Grumps in New Orleans over Labor Day and took a few trips to the Arboretum.
IMG_0835 IMG_4689 DSC_5996

Our college friends the D’Englere’s came in town, we ran the Haunt Jaunt with Carlie, had our four year anniversary, visited the Arboretum for Fall Fun, found out that baby #2 was a girl, went to Michele’s Halloween party, and had our first trick-or-treating experience! Louise also had ear tubes surgery. Whew!
IMG_0950 IMG_4820 IMG_4785 IMG_4850 DSC_6098

I flew to New York to meet my new nephew and celebrated my 30th birthday twice. We also went to New Orleans for Thanksgiving.
IMG_4923 IMG_4990 IMG_5034 IMG_1043

Louise came down with pneumonia which meant we skipped most of our holiday party plans, but I could still have our annual ladies’ lunch at Neiman Marcus and the Coppell girl’s dinner at Anamia’s. Mike graduated with his PhD from UTD, and we celebrated Christmas as a family of three!
IMG_5216 IMG_5326 IMG_5509 IMG_5542 554673_10102012033590518_1508711949_n


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