What’s in a name

Just like with Louise, Mike and I knew early on what we’d name baby #2. He came up with Celine one day and I liked it so much I revised history and thought I brought it up. We were actually pretty surprised at how easy it was to make the decision. The middle name had a bit more discussion but we liked having another “C” name in case we end up calling her Cece, and someone in our family has been dying to use Caler (my mom’s maiden name) for ever. My mom almost did with my brother Taylor but knew he’d be spelling and pronouncing it his whole life so made a slight tweak. My sister considered it for a girl’s name but she had a boy.

The funny thing is, because Louise Miriam was a pretty solid family name across the board (Louise is basically Louis, which is my grandfather/dad/brother’s name, Mike’s mom’s middle name is Lou, and Miriam was Mike’s grandmother), people assume Celine is a family name as well. Although we definitely went through our options on the family name front, we just ended up liking Celine. She will have a family name in the middle so we’re not too concerned about it.

Just like with Louise, it feels weird calling this baby by her name. I’m sure it will take time!

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