20 months

Post-pneumonia, Louise has been a ridiculously cute and fun girl to be around.


She is kind of two-sided: in public, she is cautious, tentative, and pretty shy, but at home she is a whirlwind and very bossy.


When we go out she tends to be an observer versus jumping right in to something. She’ll get there eventually but she’s got to scope it out first. She loves watching other children but she’s wary of adults and has to have her support system (me, Mike, or the grandparents) around her at all times. Sometimes she even just has one hand on our leg to ensure we’re not going to abandon her. Once she gets comfortable and finds something she likes, that’s all she wants to do – she doesn’t race around and try everything out.


At home, it’s a different story. Now that she has more toys she tends to rotate through them at a pretty good speed – even to the point where she’ll overlap, bringing her kitchen toys into her Cozy Coupe or dancing to music from her play table while holding her puzzle pieces. She is super into electronics – watching videos of herself on our phones, Facetiming or taking Photo Booth pictures on my computer, pretending to use the remote (and sometimes actually succeeding to which she either looks at me with wide, triumphant eyes or says “uh oh”), and listening to Daft Punk music on dad’s computer (she’ll listen to the entire 47 minute album if we let her). BIG fan of dancing, too. She has different dances for different music and it’s really cute to watch her mix it up. Even if someone starts singing or whistling she’ll slowly start shaking her rump or nodding her head. The roughhousing has also reached an all-time high. She does it mostly with dad and grandpa but I can play with her as well. She LOVES it.


She knows what she wants, when she wants it, and she throws mini-tantrums if she doesn’t get it right away. She has started trying to drag us by the hand, foot, leg, whatever to get us to do what she wants. Usually it’s asking for milk (dragging us to the fridge) or to listen to music. The good thing is she’s easily distracted!


She is still not the biggest fan of diaper changes or putting her clothes on, but once we get to the shoes, jacket and hat she knows we’re walking out the door and she gets much more amenable. She loves outings, even if it’s just to day care, and she still loves the cold! When we walk out and the brisk breeze hits her face she starts laughing. It’s weird but so cute.


I am LOVING dressing her now. She can sport pretty much anything these days and she looks so cute doing it. She is not into me messing with her hair at all but I’m working on fixing that since she looks so cute in pigtails, and she kind of has a mullet right now. I think I just need rubber bands that don’t pull as much.


Her talking is starting to develop as well. She is still not great at pronunciation but we’re encouraging her to say what we say and she’s definitely trying. She’s learned Nietzsche’s name (“Nee-nee”) and her favorite words are bubbles, dada, papa (that’s my dad), milk, please (“pweeeee”) and NOOOOOOOOO. She also pretend talks on her phone from the play kitchen and it’s THE cutest thing we’ve ever seen. She says “hello?” then either “yes” or “ummmm…” and then “byebye.” She’s developed this whine (“eh eh eh eh”) when she wants something, so we’re trying to get her to say the word of what she wants. She usually defaults to “please” or “more” but we’re getting there.


Whew I guess I had a lot to say this month, but she really is progressing and has some of the cutest tendencies I want to remember!


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