Pregnancy SHOWDOWN

I wanted to compare my monthly photos between pregnancies to see if you could really see a difference.

Two months:
2 months

Three months:
3 months

Four months:
4 months

Five months:
5 months

Six months:
6 months

Seven months:
7 months

Overall, I think this pregnancy just looks “poochier” than my first one – with #1, I was more generally rounded versus a clear pooch. I think that’s mainly because a) my body remembers how this whole pregnancy thing works and b) my ab muscles are basically nonexistent, making the belly stick out more in the middle. I also am carrying Celine much lower than Louise so that changes things as well. Month seven is where you see a little difference in weight, which makes sense since I’m still running about 7-10 pounds less than last time.

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